Hitop Adjustable Jump Rope with Counter and Comfortable Handles (Blue)


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Hitop Adjustable Jump Rope with Counter and Comfortable Handles 

Do you have these problems when you jump rope? 

1. The handles slip out of your hands when you are jumping. 
2. You need to readjust your hands frequently when your hands get sweaty. 

Now the HITOP Jump Rope with finger foam grips has solved your problems, even when 
your hands get sweaty during exercise, and you will have no problems using it. 


1. The jump rope is well made and colorful. 
2. The rope is a little over 9 feet long but can be shortened easily. 
3. The hand-cushioned and comfortable grips have caps at each end that can be opened to access the rope for adjusting the length. 
4. The product works for adults and school-aged children, suitable for individuals as tall as 5.9 feet. 
It’s a great gift for kids and women. 


Brand: HITOP 
Handles: Hollow Plastic 
Grips: NBR Foam 
Rope: NBR Foam, 9.18 Feet 
Color: Blue with Green 
Recommended for Ages 3 Years and Older, Height Less than 5.9 Feet

  Package List 
1 x Jump Rope  

Kindly reminder 
Please wear simple, soft, and comfortable clothing and shoes when jumping rope. 
Please choose a lawn or wood/soft floor when using. Don’t stand on the hard floor while jumping and avoid harming knuckles.The Hitop jump rope is easy to adjust to your desired length. Jump rope is perfect for you and your children. There are black clips at the end of the handles. Simply loosen the rope from the clips and shorten or lengthen it; no need to cut the cord any longer. It’s so easy that kids can do it within seconds!
The jump rope has a built-in counter on the right handle that helps you know how many jumps you need for each purpose such as weight loss, burning fat, or body tone. You no longer need to count all the time or loose track!
With comfortable handles that have foam grips with ridges, the hollow plastic handles are covered with a soft foam, suitable for gripping so they won’t slip when your hands are tired and sweaty.
The rope default length is 9.18 feet, and it is suitable for individuals as tall as 5.9 feet. This length would be great for women and student. If you want a different length, just change it at the handle.
It would be a great gift for kids and women. Not just a gift of jump rope, but also a best wish of their health.